Cradle to Career Sonoma County (C2C) is a cross-sector organization whose membership includes representation from early childhood education, K-12 education, post-secondary education, business, non-profit, and philanthropic partners. C2C is a subcommittee of Health Action, a framework for community health improvement and health equity that mobilizes community partnerships and resources to focus on key factors that influence health, including health system effectiveness, the built environment, and social determinants such as education and income.

Our Vision

All children and youth reach their fullest potential at every stage in life.

Our Mission

Preparing all children and youth for success by educating the community, connecting partners,

and amplifying approaches that work.

Our Approach


We educate and engage the community on critical issues and raise awareness about strategies

that best support our local children and youth.


We bring community partners together to share innovative ideas, promote promising practices,

and leverage the unique talents, perspectives, and resources that each offers.


We identify and amplify approaches that work and seek to find support

and resources to scale promising practices.

How will we achieve our Vision?


Cradle to Career Sonoma County is utilizing an approach to large-scale social change known as Collective Impact. At the heart of any Collective Impact effort are five key elements:


Common Agenda

Shared Measurement

Continuous Communication

Mutually Reinforcing Activities

Backbone Support