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Cradle to Career Advocacy

While Cradle to Career Sonoma County is not a political organization, its members do advocate for education-related causes and policies that positively impact children and youth. Below are approved methods in which Cradle to Career engages in advocacy efforts.

  • Championing education-related causes and events (e.g., speaking at an event, submitting a letter to the editor)

  • Formal support for education-related policy both locally and in the California Legislature (e.g., letter of support, testimony, meetings with legislators)

  • Advocate for funding to support projects/programs aligned with Cradle to Career goals

  • Grass-roots efforts - informal promotion of specific issues within each C2C Operations Team members' sphere of influence

The C2C Advocacy Committee has been convened to:

  • Develop specific C2C advocacy criteria

  • Track education-related legislative bills and platforms

  • Review and track local education-related policy

  • Work with elected officials to support policies that positively impact children and youth

  • Respond to requests for C2C to support specific policies and/or event sponsorship requests

Cradle to Career will NOT:

  • Endorse individual candidates

  • Take a stance on any personnel issues

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