Goal Area 3:

Every young adult is prepared for and completes the highest level of postsecondary education or training to achieve their career goals

Today's economy, competitive job market, and rapidly changing world demand more education and training than ever before. In order to address this new reality, communities must look for ways to increase the likelihood a young adult will succeed in college or some other form of postsecondary training. 

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Sonoma Co. Portrait of a Graduate

A picture of the most important skills and traits students will need to be successful in life, the Portrait of a Graduate is an important vision of where our students are headed, and, with them, how our region will succeed in the future.




The Sonoma Corps is a pilot program recruiting high school students in their senior year to prepare them for a “gap year” work experience internship following graduation.


10,000 Degrees Resources

10,000 Degrees helps students from low-income backgrounds get to and through college in order to positively impact their communities and the world. This support includes comprehensive wraparound support, college and financial aid counseling, near-peer coaching, and scholarships.